Domain Registration and Management

A domain is your website address on the internet. Getting your domain registered is one of the first steps to make your website reachable. It also allows you to have custom email addresses for your organization.

Registering a domain for your website is easy, but it’s just one of the steps you need to complete. Our job is to keep things simple for you, so when you purchase your web address with us, you can rest assured that we will take care of the details that are often ignored by others.



What are the steps to get my website on the internet?

1) Choose and register a web address for your website. You can use our domain search tool below to check for available options. If your preferred choice is available, we can help you with the purchase and management of the domain! Click here to start the ordering process.

2) Select a hosting plan to accommodate your website on the internet. We offer Premium Website Hosting plans that will keep your website running smoothly on the internet.

3) Build your website and publish it on the internet. Once your web address and hosting plans are ready to go, it’s time to get your website on the internet. Our web design services will provide your organization with a custom website design carefully developed to meet the needs of your organization.

Domain Search Tool:


What is included?

  • Registration

    We will work together to purchase the web address of your choice. Choosing a name to represent your organization’s address on the internet is very important and we will provide you the guidance you need when making the decision and committing to your domain name.

  • Update Contact and Ownership Information

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires every domain to be reviewed at least once a year to ensure the current WHOIS information is accurate. False or incorrect WHOIS information can be grounds for cancellation of the registration so we will make sure your web address is registered and maintained correctly.

  • Renewals

    We will not let your registration expire just because you might have missed a renewal notice! When your registration is getting ready to expire, we will make sure to follow-up with you to complete the renewal and keep your website happy on the internet.

  • DNS Configurations

    DNS can be compared to a phone book – when you move from one address to another, your name stays the same but your phone number may change. The records for your domain work similar to the phone book. We will check that all the records are created correctly so that your website can always be found. In the event new or custom changes have to be made, we will take care of them for you, too.

  • Domain Authentication

    SPF and DKIM records are used to authenticate email messages. It’s a way to prove that an email message isn’t forged. Authenticating your email messages can increase the positive reputation for your domain, which in turns improves email deliverability. A good reputation can determine whether your messages will be caught by SPAM filters or not, and how quickly the recipient’s server will accept messages coming from your domain. Improper or lack of setup of these settings may cause important communications sent from your email to be missed by its recipients.

  • Monitoring

    When you register your domain with us, it will be monitored all year round to guarantee accuracy of its records. If any of the settings are changed, we will be notified immediately. If the settings changed were not initiated by us, we will follow-up and make any corrections that may be necessary to ensure the proper configuration is in place.


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